Friday, March 18, 2005

JOKJAKARTA, 23 - 26 MARCH 2005

Kafe Via-Via
23 March
19.30 Opening nite, film : dance, dear my daughter, Utopia.

24 March
19.00 Hamam (Italy)
21.00 You'll get over it (France)

25 March
19.00 Made in Indonesia (kumpulan film-film pendek Indonesia)
21.00 Spanish splash short (Spain)

26 March
19.00 Men Maniacs (Germany)
21.00 Fifteen (Singapore)

Galeri Cemeti
26 March
19.00 Close to Leo (France)

27 March
19.00 Days (Italy) - (Closing Film)

Dekat Rumah Cafe
24 March
19.00 Made in Indonesia (Kumpulan film-film pendek Indonesia)

25 March
19.00 Straight Out : Stories from Iceland

26 March
15.00 Diskusi Sejarah Perfilman
Queer Narasumber : John Badalu (Q-Munity), Dede Oetomo (Gaya Nusantara)

Kedai Kebun Forum
24 March
19.00 Asian short (24 hours, Mother, Pangyau, Choice, Angel in Toilet)
21.00 Queer Boys and Girls at the Shinkansen (Japan Short)

25 March
19.00 Queer as Folk (United Kingdom) - Episode 1-8

26 March
19.00 Hamam (Italy)
21.00 You'll get over it (France)

Kafe Via-Via
Jalan Prawirotaman, Jokjakarta

Kedan Kebun Forum
Jalan Tirtodipuran, Jokjakarta

Galeri Cemeti
Jalan Panjaitan, Jokjakarta

Kafe Buku deket Rumah
Jalan Candrakirana Sagan, Jokjakarta

Special Events

Opening Party

23 March
21.00 onwards at Insomnia - Sheraton Hotel

Special Screening:
26 and 27 March at 14.00, 17.00 and 19.00
Admission Rp. 5.000
Film :

A new Indonesian film by the first time director Ravi Bharwani is a poetic visual set in Gunung Kidul area in Jokjakarta featuring Clara Sinta and Ria Irawan. The film is in Javanese language with English subtitle.

Synopsis :
In a barren and dry village, 3 people with their personal dreams, interacts with each other. Johan, a meteorologist who is obsessed in creating rain in that location. Asih, a traditional singer, who with her voice, becomes an oasis to Johan and the people living in that harsh location and Asih’s maid who devotes the singer without reservations . In contrast to Johan’s approach to life, the maid’s is more of an observer. Accepting and living through life with whatever that life offers without questions and expectations.

The Rain maker is a film of mood and atmospheres that liberates the audience to experience the illusions that a film offers. To “feel” and not just to ”watch”.

The film screening will be attended by Ravi Bharwani (DIrector), Abduh Azis (Producers), Clara Sinta and Ria Irawan (Actresses).

For the complete info on this film, visit

So, MY FRIENDS, silahkan jika anda berada di seputaran Jokjakarta, datang dan kunjungilah Q! Film Festival 2005 in Jokjakarta.

Teriring Salam dari Phnom Penh,
Hary Carpijanto Saptadi P
Administration and Public Relations

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