Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Kangeeeeeeun! I miss many things about u. I miss playing bowling with u at Puri with Gaby n Desy, I miss driving all the way iin the midnight afterwards while listening n consoling Ikie, I miss calling u all of sudden just to say "let's meet up!" n hearing "yes" as the response, I miss having coffee with only u without feeling awckward even when I don't feel like saying anything, I mss accompanying Ate n u looking 4 some pirated DVD's at Kota Kembang, I miss doing our own small things with our own small group, I miss my life back then when I had this small life of my own without feeling any fear and feeling only comfort for being my whole true self with u in it. I miss u, Hary Tedjo... s'thing (even if ur name's changed into that).

And tjo I'm not sure if it's got s'thing to do with the absence of uhere, I miss my self back then; I miss the real me or even it wasn't the real me or it was only me at that certain phase of life, I'd like to have it back coz back then I was fearless of being myself coz back then I knew I had innocence.

May be I'm just way too human to resist all this I've got; compliments, joys n stuff coz prolly it's the human nature that has turned me into this subconsciously discontent being for wanting more n more n wanting things as beautiful as they once used to be without thinking it's about time to move on, even if it's gonna be much of shame. Just wanna share this, I guess.

Be happy, Har! :-)

- from I Love You -

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