Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Love

I always said that love is simple but yet complicated and now I think that I have been taken by my own statement.

Having a relationship is something that I long for but I guess by wishing to have a relatioship like the one in fairy tales, it's so far far away than a simple wish I have.

Cut the crap. The story is like this, once I am in love with someone, though it's not that deep on the first place but the conversation, the discussion, the story sharing, all things are perfect. At the beginning.

Later I found out that I was a third person in the relationship, called X, X has a special friend already. I was once committed to myself that I did not want to get in someone's relationship. Call it as a bad karma but I can't avoid it. I know it's a cheap excuse but that's the truth about love. It come when we least expected it and once we realized, we've been swimming in the lake full of flattery words, butterfly effect in the stomach.

I know that sooner or later the day will come that we, as a human being, being faced with a choice. I have choosen myself to be in the relationship and become a triangle circle of love and I tell you that it sucks!

Most of my friends told me that as a third person in the relationship, I could not expect anything, demand anything. Just be a good person, silence and accept the consequences.

The day has finally come when one day X called me and said that X would like to talk to me about something that I already know and sensed it that X would talk about our relationship. Indeed it was. X said that X should make a choice since that X could not living in two different world (as my world and X special friend's world is two way different). I kept silence though I know it is hard for me. Finally X said that X choose the special friend because of some particular reasons that I told X that I did not want to know. What did you expect if it's in a relationship, money has come to one of the reason ? ..

Taken what my friends said so then I kept silence, accept the decision X made and tried to go on with my life. I did and managed that very well, I guess.

Should I give up for love ? Should I not believe that there's no such love exist in this world ?

Being single is not bad at all, I guess, I, again, enjoy the freedom.

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