Friday, November 02, 2007

The Conversation

A conversation in the middle of the night

A : “You were great and I want to say one more time but with a present condition”
B : “What do you mean ? oh, do you want to do it one more time ?”
A : “If you don’t mind”
B : “But, I can’t and you know the reason why”
A : “Don’t worry about it. This time I do it for you from my heart.”

Then two people again spent the time together.


Another conversation in the middle of the night

B : “I come here just want to tell you that I am leaving tomorrow morning”
A : “Hmm … just wait for me finish working. Wait for me at the end of the road”
B : “Okay”

An hour later

A : “Okay, let’s go, we have supper”
B : “Eh, hang on, we need to talk first”
A : “Just trust me. Okay, let’s go, we have supper”
B : “Okay”

During the supper

A : “What do you want to have ?”
B : “Anything. Hey! Is it okay for you ? aren’t you suppose to continue your work ?”
A : “Let it be. I don’t care. I just want to have supper with you. Can I ?”
B : “Okay”

After the supper

A : “Let me stay with you tonight.”
B : “Are you sure ? do you want to stay with me tonight ?”
A : “Just listen to me once.”
B : “Okay”

The night passed full with love, kiss, hugs, little jokes, tickling, laughing, tears …

Early morning

A : “This is it. Time to let you go.”
B : “I … “
A : “Don’t say anything, don’t even say thank you.”
B : *tears in eyes*

The kiss on the forehead …


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Ted said...

Hehehe... The words seemed familiar in some other previous time... Even feel funny for me now hehehe... (Trying to laugh at the past)

Thanks for light up the day :)