Thursday, January 25, 2007


Still last night when we all met for coffe times, the topic never changes, talks about L-O-V-E ...

Whenever they asked me about the definition of love, I always give the same answer : simple but yet complicated.

Been too long since my last relationship as I am now ready to begin the new one but then will I find my significant other soon ?

I smile to myself and continue to enjoy my red-wine and cigarette ..
Life is too wonderful to be wasted with silly thoughts but I keep doing my day-dreaming ..

phnom penh, 25 january 2007


sefawkes said...

dido'ekeun mugi mugi enggal dongkap eta soulmate hihihihi sanes soul that never mate atuh....

Fa said...

Love is in the air,... they said...
unfortunately, we breath in the different pond.

why are you single???


-dimas hary- said...

@Eny: .. amiiiiieeeeennnn ..

@Fa: udah dikirim yaaa .. udah terima belum ? ... and you, why are you also single ? :D :D :D