Monday, December 04, 2006


It's around ten o'clock in the morning. Have a coffee meeting with a Director of Sales of one of the finest hotel in Phnom Penh.

Me : "Why is so crowded today ? and last night I went to Elephant Bar also full. Usually Sunday night is quiet."

DOS : "The rumour has been spread all over the town. You know about it, right ?"

Me : "Ah, the Bill Clinton's thing. Is he here ?"

DOS : "Yes. He will be down in a minute, he will go to some provinces today with his foundation or something. You know that he comes on private trip not official. I guess it goes something to do with HIV / AIDS."

Me : "That's what I read in Cambodia Daily."

DOS : "There the ex-President of USA."

Clinton was walking toward the front door. Passing our table at coffee shop in lobby. Smiling. Coming toward our table.

BC : "How are you ?"

DOS : "Good. You look great today. Going out for province I heard."

BC : "Yes. It will be a long day but I will enjoy it."

BC : "How are you, sir ?."
*shaking my hand*

Me : "I am good, Mr. President. How are you ?"

BC : "Never been better. Thank you. Well, I gotta go. See you."

DOS : "Okay. Have a nice trip."

Me : "Have a great day, Mr. President."
*shake hand again*

The only thing that I regret ... I did not bring my camera!!!

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