Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Telephone

me mobile phone rang ...

me : hai there

L : i just want to be quick

me : yes ? what do you mean ?

L : thank you for last nite, being with you is the most nice time i've ever had in my life

me : oh .. okay

L : yes, it's true and i just want to be honest with you. i am leaving for bangkok and i wish i can cancel my ticket. i'll be back soon. will you be here when i am back ?

me : i leave for siem reap tomorrow morning by bus at 7 and i will be back monday afternoon if there's no change of plan.

L : hmm .. i see what i can do ..

me : meaning ?

L : nothing, it's just me talking to myself

me : why did i smell something here ?

L : can you see or not that my face is grinning ?

me : are you telling me that you're going to go to siem reap ?

L : i said that i will see what i can do

me : okay

L : are you happy if i can see you in siem reap ?

me : what do you think ?

L : yes , you will be and i am sure hundred percents about that. anyway, i got to go now. again, thanks so much for last nite, you are great, damn great and i cannot stop myself to think of you all the time and anytime i watch starworld i feel that you are beside me. teach me how to read and teach me how to dream, will you ?

me : *smiling*

L : take care and till we meet again

me : take care and be good. hope to see you again soon.

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