Monday, May 22, 2006


Okay, the concert of 12 new academia of Academy Fantasy of Indosiar has been begun yesterday evening dan mulai minggu depan akan mulai dengan konser eliminasi. Some people tertawa terbahak-bahak dan somehow ngga percaya ketika I told them the reason I could not join the program last nite because I did not want to miss the concert.

Indeed I enjoyed watching the concert last nite at tv. Seems it will be a very good competition, I only saw one or two of them that are not good but hampir semuanya sekarang mempunyai kemampuan yang cukup.

Jadi buat yang mentertawakan saya, I only can say .. I don't care because I do like watching AFI concert since it came for the first time and I think I am not giving you any disadvantage by watching that ..

So ... VIVA AFI FOREVER ... :-)

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