Monday, August 14, 2006


Feel that I am in the middle of the crisis, let me jot down what is in my mind actually .. :

* Arranging schedule for month of August, September and October.

* Updating the Run Down for Diplomatic Reception 2006.

* Checking all the items for Diplomatic Reception decoration.

* Updating the schedule of Mr. Ambassador and Madame.

* Collecting the custom for The Singers.

* Concepting the decoration for Malam Syukuran on August 26th, 2006.

* Fixing my handphone.

* Finishing all the movies from Sothea.

* Try to let go all the feeling and just be myself.

* Try to find myself and the strength to continue this life.

* Fasting and praying. No more postponing.

* Clean up my working table.

* Finishing album photo to be submitted to Mr. Ambassador by end of this week.

currently reading : *menghapal lagu payung fantasi*
will watch tonite : come undone

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