Saturday, April 14, 2007


Last night I was having drink with Dana, Ria and Kwong. After quiet sometimes never visit The Lounge at Intercont Hotel then somehow our feeling got the same destination. I was there a little bit late since that I should attend the Maulid Nabi's Celebration at the Embassy.

I came around 10 pm and Dana also Ria were there already while Kwong said that he would be joining soon. There I met one new guy that happened to be a friend of our friend the singer and also the friend of Dana. His name is David.

During we sat there and enjoying the live music, I had a conversation with David and it was a quiet nice conversation. He looks like a Cambodian, absolutely no doubt. So then I was asking him.

"Are you Cambodian ?" ... 'In blood yes, Hary, I am Cambodian but I come from America.' ... "Meaning ? your parents are Cambodian but they live in America ?" ... 'No, my parents are American. I am adopted.'

For the first I thought that his parents are Cambodian because a lot of Cambodian go to America or French during the Khmer Rouge era even until now and they are not going back. But when he said he was adopted, I was stunned and that intrigued me to ask more question to him.

"How old were you when you were adopted ? if I may know of course." ... 'Sure, I was adopted since birth.' ... "It means that you *sorry* did not know who's your real parents are ?." ... "Yes." ... "How do you feel when you come here ?." ... 'Honestly, nothing. Hahahaha, you might be surprised but that's what I feel. In fact that I want to see my homeland but yes I feel nothing.' ... "Are you going back ? working ? or studying ? eh, sorry if I seems asking you so many questions." ... 'No problem. I am working here in the hospital. Do you know the Sihanouk's Hospital ? I work as a part of my scholarship, working voluntary in their public relations office.' ... "Oh, okay, so then you will be here only for queit sometimes then. Like a year or two." ... 'Yes. It's a year and I've been here for six months. I will be going back to US on August.'

After that we still talked about this and that for a while before we were all off heading home.

On my way back home, I kept thinking about all this conversation with him. I mean, God really works in His wonderful way. It's a kind of funny when I remembered the whole conversation *some of the conversations not posted*. I mean, I was so eager to explain him all things that I know about Cambodia. This and that and everything related and his responses are so polite. Even when I said like this, "It's so funny, you have Cambodian blood but then you are now an American and you hold American passport. As I fall in love with Cambodia and I am willing so hard to stay in here. I will finish my terms soon by this coming October and now I am trying to find a job." ... 'What kind of job are you looking for ?.' ... "I don't know, personal assistant, office manager or something in public relations.'

He said nothing but from his face I can feel that what I want now is quiet strange. My willingness to stay in Cambodia and live here. Hahahahaha, not only to him that what I want is amazed people. Some of my Cambodian friends are also amazed. I was telling them about my uncomfortable feeling whenever I am back to Indonesia, after the first week that I started to think what's been going now in Phnom Penh, even my mother hates me for being like that. "What happened with you ? don't you miss your home ?." ... well, yes, mom, indeed I miss my home but Phnom Penh is already like home sweet home for me.

Again, as I said that God works everything beautifully. The connection that I have for Cambodia and the connection that David has for Cambodia have grown in such a different way. Cambodia might lose one of his original person but God has given Cambodia another person to love this country.

But one thing for sure, I still love my country. I still dedicate my life for my country. Only now that I have two countries that I love and I find it possible. Long live the King of Cambodia and Long Live Indonesia Raya.


Iqbal said...

Hmm,mau jadi warga negara Kamboja yah ? .... Nggak kangen apa ama yang namanya teh botol ? :-D

Mudah2an terkabul yah keinginan kang Hary, jadinya khan saya bisa main ke Kamboja, akomodasi gratis , huehehehe

Septian said...

sama juga iqbal, biar saya bisa maen2 ke kamboja,,,,
tapi apakah itu sudah merupakan keputsan mas hari ?
berbeda sekali dengan saya yang struggle supaya ga jatuh cinta ama singapore dan membanggakan diri sebagai orang Indonesia dan berjanji bakalan pulang nantinya. Di tengah kebobrokan Indonesia, saya yakin ada hal yang indah dsana dan pantas dirindukan. Hik2..
terserah mas sih...
btw, tentang percakapan dengan orang US-Cambodia itu, sepertinya hangat sekali, sangat khas Indonesia yang selalu ingin ngobrol dengan orang yang unik, sya sepertinya juga mempraktekkan kebiasaan itu.

selamat Berjuang di hidup ini
TUhan memberkati

-dimas hary- said...

Hahahahaha, .. thanks for the comment but kindly don't get me wrong. Keinginan untuk tinggal di negeri orang selain di Tanah Air tidak berarti bahwa saya tidak mencintai Ibu Pertiwi. I always proud being an Indonesian, apalagi yaa di Kamboja ini Indonesia selalu dianggap saudara tua.

Pun tidak berarti saya lari dari kenyataan karena Indonesia lagi menangis. There are things that I can do from here for my beloved country.

Masing-masing orang punya caranya untuk menunjukkan kecintaannya pada negaranya sendiri.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by yaakk ...

Fa said...

jangan pulang dulu ke indo sebelum gue akhirnya sempat untuk keliling Myanmar-Cambodia ya......

sayangnya... bangkok magnet begitu kuat!
November ke bangkok yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bought the ticket already, jalan ama anton nih!!! [you've met him, at gloria jeans!]

Ray said...

Ya Alooo udah kepelet yah sama orang2 Cambodia .. duh kenapa aku kebalikan nya sama kamyu yaa :-(

-dimas hary- said...

FA: ... ayoo .. segera packing dan kita nikmati kehidupan malam di Bangkok tentunya .. I am going there on October for a week, bought the ticket already as well .. mudah-mudahan ntar November bisa kesana lagi ..

RAY: .. ho'oh .. betaaaahh banget tinggal disini .. ngga tau kenapa. Jangan ngabur dari Yangoon sebelum ik sempat kesana yaa bhooo ... please please please ...